A community is a group of people who shares, supports, inspires and bands together to help others.

This is your page. This is your opportunity to contribute your own experiences, whether good or bad or even a “Life” lesson you may have learnt along the way. You may have an inspirational story that will help others to motivate themselves to achieve greatness. Expanding your knowledge in LIFE can be gained through others experiences including dos and don’ts, warnings or a must see or do experience.

Email us your story and we will include it in the relevant area for others to read and maybe learn from, laugh with you or be inspired.

News of Interest – Current items of interest and general information

My Gap Year – What sort of gap year did you have? If you have a unique story that will inform or inspire another member then we are excited to hear from you.

My Transformation – This is for all the students who struggled with weight or beauty issues at school and beyond, and have since discovered their individual power and personal strength to change the way they look and feel about themselves. What was your life altering moment or point of inspiration that helped you to achieve your personal goal? Now you have the chance to help others alter their life by sharing your experience. We would love to hear from you.

My Success Story - This is for anyone that has experienced some form of success since leaving school. If you have set up a successful business, become a sports star or performed an outstanding act that you feel would help inspire others then we want to hear from you. Open up the link to get an idea of success stories already submitted.

Family Strife – Family strife is an opportunity to share your experience being raised in complicated circumstances at home. You can help other teens that are facing difficult situations at home such as a volatile parent or a handicapped or seriously ill sibling that required an enormous amount of your parents time, or maybe it was yourself that was suffering an illness. How did this shape your outlook on life and help you become the person you are today?

Inspirational Stories and Videos – This link contains videos with an inspirational moral or a real life story of someone who has overcome enormous obstacles to create a unique life. Some of these people are well known whilst others are not. Some of the links contain inspiring quotes from movies. I defy anyone to watch any of these and not feel something!