What type of membership do I want?

The aim of “Life and how to live it” is simple and straight forward. It was created to offer support, advice and information starting from the basics to building the skills to help you attain essential habits that will help you develop and move forward in life.

To enable everyone to be a part we have provided several ways for you to join.

Purchase E – book: $10
If it is information and guidance you are wanting then the E-Book is a good start.

Please note, you will be e-mailed the book within 24 hours, once we have received payment.

Want more? Sign up as a member for $15 and get instant access to the E-Book plus a year’s worth of access to current websites and new articles.

Free membership:
Joining is simple and includes access to the community pages and some resources.  A membership upgrade is available at any time. Check out the introduction video for a complete profile of the website.

Full membership: $15
12 months – Full membership entitles the member to receive a copy of the E-Book and complete access to all resources including all the links used plus invaluable template materials such as budgets, spreadsheets, step by step instruction guides and check lists to download. You will also have access to advice, personal stories from other young Australians who write about their experiences, goals and dreams and competitions. Check out the introduction video for a complete profile of the website.

Membership renewal: $10
Renewal after 12 months will give you a lifetime membership so you will never have to renew your login again. You will receive notification before your membership expires in order for you to renew.