There is so much published today about creating a better life. The old clichés about “follow your dreams”, “You can do, be or have anything you want in life” are great but where do you start?

How can you go out and be whatever you want to be if you don’t have the education, resources or circumstances to make it happen? The teens that actually leave school and know exactly what they want appear to be in the minority.

I am a firm believer in the theory of creating a great life but where is the instruction manual?

Surfing the internet will give you some great information and motivational material but a large percentage of these resources appear to stop short of the practical instruction on how to do it. It is like being told a great joke and building the momentum only to stop short of the punch line.

The aim of this site is to offer you an instruction manual to guide you in setting up everything from the practical everyday things through to finding the motivation and resources you need to help you on this journey.

The “Life” website is not however going to do the work for you. It will point you in the right direction but YOU will be responsible to perform the actions required to create your ideal future.


What this website can do for you

What this website can do for you

This website is unique and although Australian based can be utilised throughout most countries.

It is an “information and how to” guide. As with everything in life, we will start with the basics of what you need and build on from there. It will provide you with invaluable information, real life stories, checklists and practical exercises to follow as well as teach you the habits you need to help you create life skills for a successful future. It is full of links, advice and hints to help you reach financial, career and personal goals.

It is a practical website created specifically to help you take responsibility for YOUR “Life story”, but have no idea where to start.

Hopefully you are at a stage where you now want to learn these skills and move along with your lives.




Why do you need it?

Why do you need it?

Support is critically important and without it most people flounder through life. This site provides you with the support that everyone needs at some stage with practical advice for all the major areas in your life. Everything is covered from career, finance, health, buying a car to leaving home and travelling around the world. Countless hours have gone into research as well as speaking with people that have done these things before you and the lessons they have learnt along the way. In each chapter you will find relevant links providing you with further information.



How to use this website

How this website can work for you!

What you do with the information and advice found on this site is entirely up to yourself. This site gives you choices and opportunities to expand your knowledge. Some of the resources provided include:-

• A quick reference guide

• Support tools

• A resource centre providing goal, budget and saving planners – templates provided

• A self help destination

• A step by step guide to help you develop your mind set and practical skills

• Offers opportunities to learn from other teens through our community page

• Be inspired by other teens stories whether it be achieving their goals in careers, weight loss, travel etc

• Provides Links to useful sites


• Newsletters

• Special offers

• Recipe book for easy meals when you first leave home

• The “Life” series books including marriage, children, careers and finance

• Competitions

• Health and Fitness education

• Power of the mind