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Melissa D – My weight journey

Jen Hudson – I used this as my inspiration

Hi, my name is Melissa. I am 23 and I live on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. I had always been overweight. My parents and siblings were all overweight. We were all big eaters and loved our pasta and desserts.  I was totally unmotivated with exercise and couldn’t see the point. Every diet and exercise program I tried was never successful and of course it was always the programs fault. When I was approaching 22 my dad was diagnosed with a sleep disorder called sleep apnoea where he stopped breathing in his sleep.  His doctor sent him to an Apnoea Centre in Nambour which specialised in the disorder. I wanted to support my dad with his health as he had always been fantastic with us all so I decided to attend his consultations with him. I was soon to discover that I would get as much out of his visits as he did. The clinician at the apnoea centre who worked with him not only provided treatment education on his disorder but gave him mini life coaching sessions.  What she had to say not only motivated both of us but helped change our perspective on our lives and attitude to weight control. She convinced us to take responsibility for ourselves and where we were in our lives. I recognised some of the symptoms for sleep apnoea in myself so organised to be tested as well.  I saw the same clinician and had the opportunity to speak with her one on one. She typed up a list of “life” strategies for me including weight control and emailed them to me. (I have included some of these at the end of my story ).  My results showed I did indeed have moderate sleep apnoea but my level of apnoea was manageable with weight loss and lifestyle changes. Strangely enough, I think I heeded this particular advice because it came from someone who had nothing to gain from my success.

My life was changing in a big way.

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